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Of The Pillar - God Is Rated R lyrics

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God Is Rated R by Of The Pillar

She refuses to worship
Her father from above
But she wants to be angel
And she lives like a slut
But the day comes
The ice breaks
She's collapsed in her lungs
She wants to speak
But her words are nothing more
Than a gasp for clean water
A gasp for more.
And gills form
So elegant
Wrapping vines around her legs
It forms a colorful question
Her body's taken in
By the sea.
So she breathes
Her body wants to breathe,
I believe.
I believe,
I'm breathing.
Now caged without steel
The ocean is a prison
As she watches the tide to the shore
She wants nothing more
So she counts her blessings
And remembers what they told her
About the body and blood of a man.
She never thought she believe in anything
After the night she gave up everything for him
She now understands
You win
And she screams
I can hear her screaming now

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