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Norther - Mirror Of Madness lyrics

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Mirror Of Madness by Norther

I'm caught by the Mirror,
It's like a Nightmare,
I cannot get out
I'm seeing that face again
And it's making me mad
My rage and hate is taking over
When you look at me
So I close my eyes
And you scream to me
Leave me alone,
You're not real to me
This is the way it has to be
This mirror is twisted
And so are you
Hey you, in the mirror
Stop twisting my weak mind
Mirror of madness,
Stop haunting me
Hey you, before the mirror
Your eyes keep telling you lies
Mirror of madness,
Is making you insane
f**k off my mind,
I told you to go
But you don't believe
So I'm forced to deceive
There is no other way
To end this day
I believe you are real
And you live in me
But you have to die
Step into the light,
Don't be shy
You keep on telling me your lies,
"Kill yourself and it's allright"
Don't want to die but I hope you do
[solo: K.Ranta]
[solo: P.Lindroos]
Hey you, in the Mirror
I'll smash your face to pieces
Mirror of madness,
This dream is over
No more, you no more
Your face is gone, forever
Mirror of madness,
Left me alone
Forever gone...

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