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Noreaga - Oh no (remix) lyrics

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Oh no (remix) by Noreaga

My first name call me queens nigga remember the lies
I keep the game sown, hit criminal ties, generals die
Feel the takeover, seminoles rise
Like puffy in harlem, i rose to stardom
I sat down, put my lifestyle between the margins
I like guns squeeze pardon, i keep the heat in the starter
Yall wanna see, stash heat in the carpet
Muss is thugged out wit the gat sparkin (what what what what)
Big pun:
I'm like science and math flyin past you at high speed
My eyes is black, spittin that sh*t at the white meat
Warp speed, nigga everything i rap is off beats
On the lab back on the track land on all 4 feet
Think about it, yeah i smell ya thinkin, pussy,
Ya ??? orthopedic, it must be retarted
Call ya boys, even toe tag ya cor-de-roys
Jockin hard wit ??? like the waterboy
Oh-no-oh-oh-no uh-oh (8x)
Jada spit crazy new flows
Catch me iceberged out with the baby blue royce
K-i-double s i, see me in the double s tight
Rippin the west side
I got it if you want it, get sniffed and blunted
And if i get a chick pregnant, it's a brick in her stomach
Cause all my niggaz hold dough
Imagine me doin' a song with yall cats oh no
Ay yo the reason why niggaz say we floss to much
???????????? say it cost to much
In the scene wit me, bet yall niggaz lost yall touch
And so to get it back, guess what, yall go against us
I'mma die for my team, drop shines for my team
Laid back, yall know the beat my glock steam
Cats hatin', steady tryin to ruin my world
So maze poppin' shells like i was abusin' my girl
Niggaz wanna play tough, until them niggaz duct taped up
Y'all money is placed up, yall niggaz is fake f**ks
Throwin dirt on my name, sayin' sh*t we took the change
And sold cane, wit f**ked up chains, and it's like
Oh no niggaz don't really want the sh*t to blow put six in slow
The same sh*t we do to you, do to ya hoe
Thugged out sh*t yall niggaz don't know
Yo i got guns, and they don't walk
Put ya brains in ya lap, and a slug to ya heart
Every club, i'm in the crowd, it ain't nothin' to me
Chicks wanna touch my dick, and my jewelry
And i'mma gangsta, i don't wanna shoot no clown
I'm on some petty sh*t, i'll tear ya poster down
And when i shoot, ya niggaz know i shoot for dead
And i don't care about ya vest, 'cause i hit yo' head
Throw em up yeah yeah yall know what this is right
Yo yall know what this is man, yo yo yall know what this is man
Jadakiss, the lox, ruff ryder, no doubt
Big pun, terror squad, angie martinez, mussilini and maze
Capone thugged out

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