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Nun T'aregge

by Nonlinear


Nun T'aregge Song Lyrics

Nun T'aregge by Nonlinear

Not in my relations...
Speak, parle, sprache, parla...

This is a bet.
My daily bet on communication horse.
And everyday I loose.
Yep, I got a cut.
And what d'ya think of it you bastards and faithful arrogants?
Walkin' this steps to me

Non ho saputo trovare
Non ho saputo spiegare
Non ho saputo stringerti a me
Nel modo tuo di fare

Non ho saputo ascoltare
Non ho saputo sentire
Non ho saputo capire
Il senso delle tue parole
Gimme the vaccine
To tug the reeling off of my mind
Psychic dissociation
Coughs up lymph and that's...
Come on. Not four four step but four four bet.
I'm loosing my perception
The wires of policy
Bair periti plei mai sein
Communication you say?

Moi, Je voudraix scommettre avec toi mon amie
Et voir ou est la veritè.
Non puoi scommetter con chi
Ha da perdere sè.
Speak, parle, sprache, parla

Just entered the house
A green frog in mouth
And stared at the red man
With white floor sparks ringing

That's forty years now
My father screams loud
I'm proud 'cause I'm useless
But I wll not give you my...

Parla, I got no strength to
Parla, be son and father
Parla, nor husband, my mate.

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