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Nokturnl - Just B... lyrics

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Just B... by Nokturnl

Young punk dumb fool white coon nigga
Little big bad ass boy up the river
Hear these lyrics at a fever pitch I deliver
Come mess with me test me I'm a swift hitter
In this land there's a race that time forgot
And for the land in this time the race was shot
Did they die out quickly or slowly rot?
Does it help when you're just a day old
To be surrounded by gold when your souls been sold
Fail to listen to the truth when it's been told
You'll be ost in the cold life force losin it's hold
If there's something that we must be made aware of
It's the places that we must take care or
Fail to listen fears of missing out if you don't wanna
Share then you'll get no share of
What is the reason for you acting like that
So many ways to get played trying to be where it's at
Now if you just wanna be yourself what's who you realy are
It's not that I even care, but you won't have to act, yeah

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