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Noa - Oh, My God! lyrics

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Oh, My God! by Noa

Lyrics: Leah Goldberg
Music: Achinoam Nini
Et eloah raiti bekafeh.
Hu nitgalah li be'ashan sigariyot.
Neche ruach, mistaleach verafeh
Ramaz li: "od efshar lichyot!"
Hu lo hayah yafeh ke'ahuvi:
Karov mimenu - ve'umlal,
Ketsel shakuf shel or hakochavim
Hu lo mile et hechalal.
Leor shkiah chiver ve'adamdam,
Kemitvadeh al chet lifney moto,
Yarad lematah lenashek ragley adam
Ulevakesh et slichato.
I ran into God in a small cafe
Through cigarette smoke he appeared to me
Apologetic and blaze
He said: life is still worth living (you'll see)
He didn't look anything like my lover
Dejected, slightly out of place
Like shadows of constellation
He could hardly fill up space
But in the reddish twilight, hurried
To confess before the fall
Kiss the feet of all man-kind
And beg forgiveness of us all

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