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Nine Pound Hammer - Gear head blues lyrics

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Gear head blues by Nine Pound Hammer

Word's around McDonald's
There's a new kid in town
Blew in from McLean County,
Fastest ride around
The Dukes don't believe what they done heard:
King lost by five car lengths
And then he lost his nerve.
Don't know who done it, but
He blew away the King
Rumor fancy turbo feedin' his machine
Well the King and his friends are the real live Dukes
Readin' hot rod mags in the back of Algebra class
Don't give a damn about nothin' at all
'cept for a four-barrel carb
and an over-haul
King told the kids
He was Number One
Said it was his town
They's gonna have to run
Final showdown at the 4th Street light
Howlin' full moon on a hot summer night
Pedal to the metal
First sight of green
Send shivers down your spine
When you hear those hemi's scream
The Duke sat stunned as the kid pulled away
To leave the King a pauper to try another day.

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