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Nields - Alfred Hitchcock lyrics

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Alfred Hitchcock by Nields

What's it all about, Alfred Hitchcock?
I saw every one of your films
12 times.
My grandmother brought me to the movies
When I was only 5 years old
To see The Trouble with Harry
It wasn't scary.
In fact it was sort of pastoral/comic
At least that's what I thought at the time
So I thought nothing of renting Psycho
When I was all grown up and living by myself
I couldn't take a shower for a week then
I had to take a sponge bath in the kitchen in broad daylight.
Alfred Hitchcock, what are you doing to our minds?
I get the feeling that you're unkind
I read what you said
You want to play with our heads
But still I love to watch your movies
Everyone from Vertigo to the Birds
That last one is really my favorite
I love how 'Tippi' Hedren
Drives along the coast road.

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