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by Nicole Kidman


Goodbye Song Text

Goodbye by Nicole Kidman

Before i fly and wave goodbye,ill saver you.Days with you
are the best years of my life.But if i dont see you anymore,
keep my words safely stored and ill be back i promise,once more.

Goodbye,goodbye,Till i see you again.Goodbye goodbye ill love
and ill miss you.Till then,remember me cause i care,where you are
and how you feel.Get in touch with me,golden your face.

I guess its been to much fun, weve shared and weve won.Yes
the best is yet to come

Goodbye goodbye,till i see you again,goodbye gooodbye.Ill love
and miss you till then....

That one word hurts so BAD,you leave the best you had.But you
the faith and pray to etern.Goodbye goodbye..ill love and ill
miss you till then..goodbye..goodbye goodbye..GOODBYE

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