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Home Lyrics

by Nicholas Tse


Home Song Lyrics

Home by Nicholas Tse

Bright are the stars that shine
In somebody else's sky
Green is the grass that grows
Some place different

More possibilities, more than you offer me
More than i care to see, from a distance
I was certain that the truth would be
In a place that kept illuding me
But every stone turned and unturned again
Would only serve to prove
I never had to move to find you

And you will always be
The only love i'll ever know
And you have made for me
The only place i'll ever go

God for the shameless pride
In times when i rolled my eyes to laugh at simplicity
Show me mercy
Knowing what i know now
It's hard to imagine how, i could feel anything
But unworthy

And the mystery of your love for me's
Not as hidden as it seemed to be
Should have known that when you said to me
Seek and you will find
You were right here all the time


I believe in the quest and the journey
I believe that the answers come in time
Where we begin is where we're alive


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