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New Radicals - The Ass Lick lyrics

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The Ass Lick by New Radicals

la lala la
lick my ass
it tastes good
mmmm so gud
i like ass it tastes good
mmm mmm ass
mmm mmm ass
lick it
lick it
lick it
lick it till your tongue gets aids
la la lala
yeah oh yeah ass is so good
lick my ass or i'll f**k your mom
f**k f**k f**k
mother mother f**k
mother mother f**k f**k
mother f**k
mother f**k
noise noise noise
noise noise noise
smokin weed
smokin wiz
doin coke
drinkin biz
drinkin biz biz biz
rollin fatties smokin blunts
who smokes the blunts?
we smoke the blunts

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