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Insomnia Lyrics

by Nephenzy Chaos Order


Insomnia Song Lyrics

Insomnia by Nephenzy Chaos Order

I am your insomnia.
I am your worst nightmare.
I am your religion.
I am fear, come drink my ambrosia.

You are never sleeping.
You are always dreaming.
You pray to your master.
I am pain, your last solution
Save me, I am drowning!
Save me, I am dying!
Save you? I will not!
Enter now, my world of despair.
In this world I am freezing.
In this place I am dreaming.
This religion that I worship,
It's called Death and it's my master.

Chains around my body,
Thorns pressed into my skin.
Blood oozing from these wounds,
My sanity just slipped away.

I smile 'cause you're my saviour.
I die 'cause I am your victim.
Pain is all that matters,
In this world that I call Death!

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