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Navar - Touch of class lyrics

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Touch of class by Navar

When Bobby was young, man he could run
Up the hills picking sticks
He said it was fun and it gave him balance
The football man came to the house saying
Come play for us boy, don’t be a louse
Man I’m no mouse! I gotta get a job and give my family a chance
Slow down, slow down
There’s more to life, just look around
Lay down in the grass and stare at the clouds
Take it from me
I’m the gifted counsel to the crown
The boss had a big forehead
They said he was a righteous dude
But not right now was all he said when Bobby told him
Man I aint got no money for food
The boss said, “Look out there in the warehouse son,
The boiler pump needs some fixin”
Bobby said, “Naw man, I’ll run
I’d rather get a steel bill and pick sh*t with the chickens!”
Ginger was a rich girl
Wore the Star of David around her neck
Had a summer home at the lake
She sat on deck
Bobby drove a cigarette boat called the ‘touch of class’
Is that yours? She asked
No, I’m just the driver, would you like a ride?
Ginger was in love; mother asked, “Where’s your pride?”
Well he looks good in a t-shirt and man can he dance!
Bobby went and sold his car, his house and everything underneath
He got a real estate license, a diamond ring and a small piece of gold between his teeth
Ginger thought it was a fitting contrast, the dead hand of the past
He said it was a touch of class
And she said wow, this all seems so fast
Well they buried proud heritage and moved to Florida
Where Bobby hustled and took advantage
Where he could, he would ‘til Ginger said we’re having a baby
It was a boy and he could run too
Just like the old man, but with a limited view
Bobby said “we’re gonna make quite a team little lady”
The boy was even faster than his pop
He grew up and flourished, man he never stopped
Girls and money, a motorcycle that hopped
Jealous men called for a bow
An accident, and ambulance on the scene
And with one rainy night came to the end of the team
Bobby fell to his knees and said
“Where is your God now?!?”
Bobby and Ginger cried for years
The warm sun of Spain couldn’t dry their tears
And they became 200 times removed from faith
Bobby kept on running till his legs got stiff
Old age crept in and Ginger took a trip
To the hospital where she cried
“My man is losing the race”
She took care of Bobby when he became unaware of reality
And he’d look out the window and stare and shout
“Oh where’s my boy?!?”
He said there’s and alligator on two legs
Change my sheets baby, give me some class
Ginger said, “Golden years? Golden my ass?”
Don’t slow down, don’t ever slow down!
It would be a shame to die with a frown
Run to that light Bobby
We were wrong and maybe you were right
It’s gotta be better on the other side of town

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