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Mystikal - Sleepin Wit Me lyrics

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Sleepin Wit Me by Mystikal

Michelle Elizabeth Tyler (4x)
Let me go right there, ok we on the air
Verse 1
We grew up with showbusiness on our mind
In hope to make a big name
Thats why me and my sister
was a stiff competition show off when company came
Now I'm a live cause ????? shake that ass!
Although my sister was the one with the beautiful voice
I still had to go last everybody waiting
I'm kinda folling niggas laughing at goofy
I either came in the room ????? then just act stupid
But lately me and my people aint been having to many family groups
Or maybe it just sometimes hurt us we medlin without my baby who be
You was there through the struggle shark
coming trying to reach the big picture
I'm telling you you hurt when you plan to be a star
with somebody you love
And when it's time to do it they can't be with you
I'm feeling guilty to take a stand but better since you been gone
It don't matter much to fix the frustration
ain't the same when you ain't home baby!
I'm gonna miss you forever forget you never
But you gonna see the world through my eyes and live what I endeavor
So, if you can see me in heaven over the clouds
You could be proud of your little brother so look down and smile
Shine my lady I miss you baby for your my baby our love is crazy
Your my sister I'll always miss ya
no one can get ya cause god is with ya
Shine my lady I miss you baby for your my baby our love is crazy
Theres no other its from your brother
your son and mother cause we gonna love ya
Verse 2
All the sad songs in the world
probably couldn't express how much I miss my baby
I just thank god that I had a big sister
????? between all the years that he gave her
Even the day that I misbehaved
and I knew that she was gonna get that ????
I could see the aggrivation in your face
when my momma said you had to watch me
Selling your ???? like a witch and you know what that meant???
How your time gonna be spent cause I was too hard headed
But where you said not to go thats where I went
Always flippin, jumpin around like a jackass or I was climbin a fence
Bring me my rockin rock robin my double dutch bus
she had some song to sing to us
Wearing some ???? digust plus
I wouldn't tell her I'm sorry for leavin the toilet seat up
And not cleanin up the tub
and leavin peanut butter and jelly drinkin out the kool-aid jar
I p**sed you off burned you up
When you told me cut that music down I turned it up
Causin conflict cause you doubt how we showed or love
You was my flesh and blood
we was brother and sister and it meant so much
Now I'm doin it you supposed to be here
We supposed to be writing songs together
I'm tellin that girl to show up with old Tina Maria records
What you left us with
Never be in vein
You gon be shining and they gonna know your name
To many damn things left unexplained
But since you was an angel down here an angel there you shall remain
And thats always until my time
Your my strength your my life Shine!
Shine on shine on cause we do miss you
Theres no other like you
Shine on shine on cause we gonna miss you oh you!
ohh yeah ohh oh
oh ah yeah
Repeat and fade

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