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Mystic - Current Events (Feat. Dj Revolution) lyrics

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Current Events (Feat. Dj Revolution) by Mystic

Forget a long introduction here to check ya'll for a moment
As of now, you are officially my non opponent
That position you got you like it huh (keep it)
Seen the garden that you got and I would never wanna reap it
And the house you built that's some real pretty glass
And your image is alright but I can still see your mask
And folks is askin is my life complicated cuz' it took so long
To get this wax created but ya'll know
I just been payin' my dues
Feet on the ground, head in the clouds a bit confused
As to when 'n how the house built fell down
Why ya'll more about the money than the texture and sound
But astoundingly everything's 360
It was all about you but now the true heads with me
So, go on ya'll keep playin the role
Cuz when the heavens made me they broke the mold
[DJ Revolution Scratches Various Samples]
Yo boo, what's your budget, did you top a mill?
Give up half your pub, that's a fucked up deal
And it's almost funny but not really
Shoulda studied the biz 'stead a tryin' to be pretty
And them cat's who write your rhymes give 'em my respect
It's damn near a crime that doe changes credits and edits
Monthly mags and reviews
They did a good job couldn't miss 'em pimpin you
And them song you on how much you say you see?
I might get 1% of that and still flow for free
But, Im a goddess with a true school foundation
You got a bowl of poison tryin feed the nation
I feel your hesitation on relatin' to me
If you skippin' this track you not hatin' on me
You just havin' a moment where my world's to bright
But you supposed to do that it's only right
[DJ Revolution Scratches

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