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My Own Grave - The Beyond lyrics

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The Beyond by My Own Grave

Nails driven into skin, acid scorching flesh.
Blinded by hate they preach: bury the evil beneath.
Sealed in an endless sleep, buried by time.
Veiled in darkness hell awaits their prey.
Woe be unto him who ventures near
The seventh gate to hell, the tomb of the damned.
Living dead will walk the earth as reality and horror blend.
Behold the gathering of the damned.
The gateway opens for my frozen eyes.
Forever cursed, to feed of flesh and gore.
Heed Eibon, see the prophecy unfold.
I'm drawn beyond the gates of hell in chains.
To the beyond (divine realms of pain).
Flee the hunt is on, the legions of hell
Are drawing closer, there is no escape.
Trapped, in lifeless wasteland.
Forever caught in this domain,
Caged forever within this frame!
The gathering of the damned!
The armies of hell will walk this earth!
The gathering of the damned!
I'm trapped within beyond!

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