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My Own Grave - Soulstorm lyrics

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Soulstorm by My Own Grave

Reverence brought to an end, never again
Shall we crawl in the shadow of death.
Signed in blood, the cycle is broken.
I will undo creation thus heaven and hell.
Reverence brought to an end, that end is yours.
By blood indeed our treaty is law.
The cycle is broken yet you fail to see.
Your future breeds a bleeding dawn.
Dawn shining light on her face, opening eyes
To the sun and the truth of his lies.
Hauled away from the plains of the fallen.
Severed from soul, firstborn dead.
Triumph has turned into grief, life into death.
See how your arrogance recoils.
Behold now your creation and punishment.
Hear the screams of their banished souls.
Time's running out of my hands,
The debt must be paid, the pact can't be broken.
My eternal suffering for their eternal rest.
Invocation of the soulstorm.
Stains of blood on the pages of humanity,
I am eternally damned.
Broken circles in the pattern of eternity,
I am damned eternally.

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