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Mygrain - Of Immortal Aeons lyrics

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Of Immortal Aeons by Mygrain

Ant, human, God... physical to spiritual
Control, human, delete...
To be reborn
Depiction of mortality
A wasteland of lost reality
Heart of transiency
Beating to immortality
Sleep in cryonics' instant forever
Injected elements of perfection
Cascade through body
Pulse of regenerating
A remedy
Your reality
My reality
Let me crawl into your thirsty veins
And give the one last rush to take away the pain
I'm the drowning rain
Of immortal aeons – becoming eternally forever
Are you a God?
Physical to spiritual
Delete, human, control...
The vortex of the storms
Undress for the ruthless caress
Burst in the bliss of ignorance
As I vaporize for you to breathe
Let go, succumb to my will
For abysmal pit of lives, bleeding to feel alive
(Of immortal aeons)
By-passers in disguise, playing God to be alive
(For lives...)
The great unwashed arises
Acid Christ, tripping disciples
The serpent of light
In flesh I'm bound
Bloodline never found...
Now see what I see
My eternal life
I'm your reptilian overlord
The fallen bastard son of God
Your liquid demons and angels
... Machine-spawned human race
Now behold my legacy
Hybrid bloodline theory
And the great unwashed arises
Forever, tripping disciples

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