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Musiq - One Night lyrics

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One Night by Musiq

Album: Juslisen (Just Listen)
All, all the time we've been wasting baby
And you've been playing baby
Sending me all, all these signs
But never, never saying a word
See now I, I'm not trying to figure you out
So how about you
Tell me what you wanna do
So I can give you all you want
If you just say it, so, say it baby
I can understand
If you're not ready
If you need me to be patient
Then I'm cool wit waiting
We can take our time
Let's get it right
Make it last forever
Not just for Onenight
Girl forgive me if I come across too forward baby
And if I offended you in any way baby
See I just wanna get next to you
Cause being closer makes it better
When I get to know you baby
Tell me how am I suppose to do that when you
Keep leading me on and you keep pushing me away
When all along I know, yes I do
That you really want me to stay baby, ooh
Look baby, I know that u want me cuz I could feel that
U need me but u seem to be just a little afraid
That's cool, it's ok, it's alright cuz I want u baby
I mean I really want u baby, but if u need some time I'm willin to wait
Just as long as u know that I want u gurl
But only if u say it's okay
Cuz I want u, but I want u to want me too
I want u to want me just as bad as I want u
Cuz I can understand baby if you're not ready
And if u need me to be patient wit u
I'll take my time wit u baby, I'll take my time as much time as u need
So we can get this thing right gurl, and make it last forever
Cuz I don't want u to feel I'm here for now and gonna be gone tomorrow
I want this to be the beginnin of a beautiful relationship, do u feel that baby?
I mean can u understand that? That's real!
That's from my heart.

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