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Musiq - Mother Father lyrics

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Mother Father by Musiq

Before I forget
Thank you for all that you have been to me
And just in case you are wondering
I love you
Verse 1:
I know that our differences caused
Us to waste so much of our time we could have you used
Getting to know each and one another
But now that I've grown into my own
And learned some things about life
I now can see that it wasn't easy to raise someone like me
Verse 2:
I remember those days when you used to sit me down
And try to school me about the plenty opportunites in life
Hoping and wishing and praying that something would stick
And somehow click within this mind of mine
See you used to say, if you throw enough on the wall
Something is bound to rub off
And I'm here to tell you
That you don't have to really worry about me at all
Listen now
There was no limit to all the things that you've done
And would have for me my sisters and brothers
And I'll never understand how you would talk all day long
And just as you said, in one ear out the other
Isn't it funny how things change when you get older
And you start to see things for yourself, yeah!
Now I know that I'll never find another
Love like yours inside anyone else
Chorus X4

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