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Mushroom Head - Track 43 (untitled) lyrics

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Track 43 (untitled) by Mushroom Head

BWOMP (remix)
We're Piling It Too High
Talk Not Saying Anything
What We Leave Behind
What We Can't Afford To Keep
There's No Sympathetic Posturing
There's No More True Humanity
The Old Ways Aren't Working Anymore
Let's Separate The Users
From The Whores
Creepy Crawl
Twist The 4-5 Cap
To Get Wrapped
Tight Slap The Wax
On The Wheels To Feel Alright
Find The Flow Freak
The Funk Like Your In Heat
Wrap The Leaf
Strike The Blunt
now Your In Deep
We've Got To Get Together
Got To Get With The Game plan
To Defeat The Dealer
That Dealt This Hand
I Don't Understand
Why The Kids Are Killing Kids
When The Only One's That Benefit
Are The Big Whigs
Mankind Unkind
Always A Fine Line
We've All Got To Die
And This Time It's My Time
Hindsight Blind fight
I Hate It When I'm Right
He Destroys The World
While We Sleep At Night
Twist The 4-5 Cap
And Understand That
If It Was Up To Me
I'd Free Charles Manson
Throw It All Away
Let's Separate The Users,
From The Whores
What Do We Have To Hope For
Why Do We Event Try
Laughed At Religion Long Ago
I Doubt I'll Be An Angel When Die
Bwomp (Remix II)
drop it from the top
don't let the motherf**ker stop
cops want the props tripping like a bunch of pork chops
don't they know we're loco going cuckoo for our coco puffs
so rough so tough sho'nuff make it funky enough
don't let the rhythm stop
drop the fronts at once you know you're falling behind
playing catch up like huntz
while you're jocking the trends
we're stepping straight from within
you know we're coming correct and your slipping again
check it out
Untitled Phone Conversation
"Yeah, ah Joe there"
"This is Joe"
"Yeah Joe I'm a call up about the leads"
"The Leads?"
"Yeah you got an ad in the paper"
"You want someone to play leads, for your, for your metal band?"
"ah, yeah"
"You want singing leads?, guitar leads? what all kind of weed leaves, I got all
kind of leads, What you need?"
"Umm, Ahh Guitar Leads"
"Guitar Leads, Ah I can do that, I got some turntables we can do that, Why dont
you tell me a little bit about your band"
"ok, um, I dont think you'd fit the bil"l
"Why dont I fit the bill?"
"You aint even ever heard me play, and y'all motherf**kers say I dont even fit
the bill, Hold up Joe"
"Yeah Joe Listen here, man what the f**k, Ima come down and play some leads for
your metal band"
"You dont even know where I'm at"
"Well hold up 'G' just turn a motherf**ker away from callin' up your ad saying
'You dont fit the bill' Whats Up with that?"
"Because my friends wouldnt ah want ya in the band"
"Your friends dont want me in the band, Why is that?"
"Hold up go on and say it, you got an ad right here saying you want a
motherf**ka black band"
"Its not, its black like evil and darkness"
"I can be evil and darkness....Hold up, want me to kick some rhymes for ya?
"Motherf**kin devil come down on your street, Gonna kick your
f**kin ass, gonna stab you in your f**kin neck, Joe, Now what would you think
about that? I can play some motherf**king leads too and Scratch and
_____________- Ill scratch your motherf**kin eye out Joe, with my f**kin, like
a long god damn fingernail too, Ill scratch your motherf**kin eye out"
"What did you call me for?"
"I called about the motherf**kin leads, you got an ad here in the paper, you
want a black metal band, I a serious musician, I got equipment
I got all that f**king sh*t, I got a van, Ima put them equipments in"
"Im an evil motherf**ker, Im an evil motherf**ker, Joe, You know that?
"Yeah, f**k yeah, I done shot a motherf**ker, thats evil, know what im saying?
I bet you aint shot sh*t, shot your motherf**kin
load in your hand Joe, Im an evil motherf**ker Joe"
"What kind of bands do you go see and hang around?"
" I dont hang around no motherf**kin bands, f**k all of them, im the
motherf**kin best"
"You dont go out to see any of the local bands at all?
"I heard that f**king Mushroomhead and all that Bullsh*t, thats Bullsh*t"
"I dont listen to Mushroomhead, I listen to Black Metal Bands
like.....'....Dark Thrown Mayhem....' Stuff like that"
"Yead thats evil, thats cool, yeah you talkin about, Im down with the Devil
Joe, Down with the motherf**kin devil Joe, he got his
tail in my hand right now Joe"
"He's gonna have a horn right up your motherf**kin ass in about a minute"
"Cause your f**kin with me Joe"
"How am I f**king with you?"
"First you tell me you dont, your dudes dont want me in the band, and then you
dont even give me no reason, you say you dont want me
in the band, saying I Aint Evil, You dont know motherf**kin evil, Joe, Records
aint evil Joe"
"What isnt evil"
"Your records aint motherf**kin evil, I's evil, They call me the evil
motherf**ker where I come from"
"Where are you from?"
"Im from the eastside, You ever been to my neighborhood? Ill show you
motherf**kin evil, why dont you come down, bring your boys with ya
too, Ill show you motherf**kin evil"
"East 72nd Saint Clair"
"I dont hang around that kind of area"
"Ya, Damn right you dont hang around that motherf**king area, You know why you
dont hand around that area? Cause the evil motherf**kers
around that area, Joe and you just a punk,You Punk b**ch Joe"
"Im a White Boy"
"Ya, I can tell you a white boy, You a White Punk boy, What the f**k you doin
putin an ad up for a black band if you motherf**kers white"
"Well havent you ever about Black, A style of music known as Black Metal"
"Yeah, Ive heard of black metal, yeah, yeah, yeah its been done a million
motherf**kin times before"
"When it says black it dont have nothing to do with black peoplev
"Right, Why the f**k you trying to throw them out the game, you dont want know
chocolate in your vanilla whats up?"
"Its not the same, Its not the same black., Nothing to do with black people,
Black as in Darkness and Evil"
"Yeah, Yeah, Evil and Darkness Joe, Like Im saying, 'Motherf**kin devil comin
down on your ass, Motherf**kin devil gonna stab you in your
f**king neck joe, You understand what im saying?"
"Hes on my side"
"Yeah, he on my side Joe, I Shot Motherf**kers, You Shot Motherf**kers Joe?"
"No because ah, I lived in a Suburb"
"You Lived in a Suburb, um hum"
"Yeah, As an only Child"
"You Lived in a Suburb, Mom and Dad boughts it all for you aint they? See you
talkin about and all this stuff, you know what Joe, f**k you
Your Band Sucks."

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