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Muppets - Rocket to the Stars lyrics

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Rocket to the Stars by Muppets

Get some wire and some glue
'Cause we know what to do
Gonna build a rocket to the stars
We'll use our toys, it's got to fly real far
Pack up my flashlight, some tape and headphones too
Count down to Neptune? Oh, please don't hit the moon
Six, five, four, three, two, one, blast off!
Rock, rock, rocket to the stars
Rock, rock, rocket right past Mars
Rock, rock, rocket in the sky
Rock, rock, rocket go bye-bye
Gonna take our rocket to the stars
I'll bring my telescope so we'll know where we are
I'll make some sandwiches cause spacemen have to eat
I'll bring a parachute in case I have to leave
Who knows what we might see, across the galaxy
Maybe some U.F.O.'s. What if they take my nose?
Blast off into the sky, one question: why?
Gonna take our friend back to her home
Down here on Earth she's lost and all alone
I'll bring my cookies to dip in the milky way
One more question: Do you think we'll be gone all day?
Rocket, rocket, rocket, rocket to the stars

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