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Mr. Vegas Rap - Without You lyrics

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Without You by Mr. Vegas Rap

If you could see me now
I know that you'd be proud
Seeing at just how
I turned everything around
I came back from making lame tracks 
To gettin fame that doesn't matter
Cuz I'd rather have the chance to say goodbye
And say that I 
Got to see you one last time
We had fun mad times
And I aint gon' lie
When I say man, your still on my mind
You can ask mom I cried
For atleast nine nights 
Rest in peace, my life
Had changed that day
I say that hey, I don't wanna live that way
Regrettin every single thing I do in the future
Instead I hope to use tha
Music that I move for
To be a tutor 
I never hoped I'd see the day that I'd ever lose ya
Cuz without you tha
Without you this roads so cold it's so alone 
And I'm just trying to find a way back home
You mean just as much to me as proof does to eminem
Even though your gone your love it truely never ends
Me and you: forever friends
I'll see you up in heaven damn
I've never known a better man
I remeber when I said to Gram
The thing I think I'll miss the most,
That little laugh at simple jokes
And for me it's difficult
I miss you so
This is fo everyone who misses yo
And I remeber back in '08 and it was by christmas,
Me you and Gram stood by the lake and
Pop Pop was taking pictures
I wish this coulda lasted

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