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Mr. Vegas Rap - Thirty 3 Street lyrics

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Thirty 3 Street by Mr. Vegas Rap

Stop being a- yo vegas you suck
Devin your fucked
Can you rap for me it turns me on
Caprot destroyed you (fucking faggot) 
Stop pretending your a good rapper cuz you really suck at everything
This ends now
Bitch I whip pens out
Spit an get ten thou 
And how?
Cuz I take these feelings rip them out,
Get equipped then drown
Bitches in a wave of spit and sound
So just sit Ken down 
Who doubted me?
Now 'body
Talking all like how did he
Sprout outta thee "hood like crap" 
I geuss he could write rap
And I would fight back if I ever gave a rats ass 
Who gets the fuckin last laugh
You kidding, walking past that
You backstabbin fat faggot
Crack addict
Hoppin round ya jack rabbit
Drop it down yea cap rat it
Voice effects I laughed at it
Spoiled little brat haha nah scratch that
You got a girl well what kinda drugs is she on?
Just quit buggin be gone
Cuz you were fuckin peed on in three songs by me darn
So how you bout to be strong I found a crowd to lean on 
The sea calm 
Just because I leave harm and lay you on the ground you sleep on...
You don't understand me, but if the feeling was right you might comprehend
You don't understand me, but if the feeling was right you might comprehend
Why must I be critized on every single word I spit
It's like what ever flies, it's publicized then I get word of it
And then you guys come up with lies when man I just done heard the shit!  
So bro don't go and change the story
Set the scope and aimed for glory 
Waiting for my chance and this might be it
Wait I see it, and I take it
If I make it I aint thankin noone
Cept Ali, Drake and
Hater that's an awful stink ya made I 
Think ya needa incu bater 
Hey there playa think your hot? your old news boy
Your flow is lame, I own new york
I mold this game, a whole new sport
And  it will take alotta hate ta break me
So before you go and criticize
Listen to my verse in when we ride
And then decide
And I lied
Cuz I keep on my grind
When I speak every line
So unique when I rhyme
My technique is devine
Thirty 3 it's the time
Nine lives bitch
I'm tired of it

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