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Morten Abel - Mr. Innocent lyrics

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Mr. Innocent by Morten Abel

I write to you this letter and you'll get it in the
I hope that you're not tired of my letters sent from
Spent twenty years in prison for a crime I did not do
But no one do believe that I am innocent, but you
I've never hurt nobody
And that's the truth I swear
Someone says they saw me on the scene
But I wasn't even near
An officer was shot to death
By machine gun fire
It's almost twenty years ago
And they still call me a liar
This is a nightmare it really is
I just hope down the line that there is some justice
Help me God if you are up there
I really didn't shoot that guy I swear
The judge and the jury, they didn't even look at me
I didn't have a lawyer, no defence, see?
Let them all feel the wrath of your power
I pay with my young life, cos'
They are cowards
They are cowards
So I write to you my darling
So that you can bring it on
And prove to them my innocence
After I'm gone
Only before God can I confess without shame
A killer is out there in the streets
And I got all the blame
Can I trust you to see that these words
Is written on my stone
Don't bother with my name
Because I rather be unknown
"Here lies Mr. Innocent who never she'd a tear"
You wanted his young life, now enjoy your dinner
La la la la la la la la la la
Thank you and goodnight people of the land
The system failed for an innocent man
I was 14 not yet been with a woman
Now I'm 34 and I still haven't been with one
To my mum and dad I brought a lot of pain
They didn't want me to carry their name
Now I'm just a number, a number in chains

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