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Morgan Heritage - How Come lyrics

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How Come by Morgan Heritage

[INTRO.] If it was'nt for rastafari, I and I would have no strength to survive. Let us take a look around see what's going down, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh!
[VERSE 1] Tell me how come here in Jamaica so many people still a fight rasta, Tell me how come down a East Fest dem neva charge Beenie Man but dem charge Sizzla, Tell me how come people a suffa outa street, nuff, nuff people love di prime minista. Tell me how come those in power don't seem to care. It's cause...
[CHORUS] Life is so unfair in this sweet paradise, this is what we swear, out of many one people, can you see us see that anywhere, everyone should be equal and this is why, so many die leaving so many to pine.
[VERSE 3] Tell me how come di youts dem downtown cyan receive di education like di youts dem uptown. Tell me how come Jah Cure deh inna jail an di prosecution knows he's innocent and should'nt be there. Tell me how come so mich 'ungry belly outa street, an Babylon a gwaan like seh dem nuh see it. Tell me how come people see it an nah speak!

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