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Morbid Angel - Thy Kingdom Come lyrics

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Thy Kingdom Come by Morbid Angel

Restless minds beneath the ground
Through ghostly winds I hear the sound
Crying forth in ancient tongues
Eternal quest of vengeance
From tombs of scorn cadavers rise
Angered fury in their eyes
Solemn rage, a need to kill
Feasting on holy hordes
Evil curse is carried forth zombies rage
Burning holy images in life they were
Forced to hail
Eternal flames have purified their souls
Born again in blasphemy, thy kingdom come
Twisted oath nodebliwith
Preying on those who seek the cross
Let none be pardoned for their crimes
Feeble race will die
Scripture burns in infamy
Tortured souls have been set free
Taunting he who sits on high
Pray thy kingdom come
[Repeat 2nd verse]
Banished from the living
Bodies long decayed
Mass of resurrection
Sepulchers abandoned
Insurgent souls arise
Disseminating evil
Curse of devastation
Implored by hell's command
Darkness rips the land
Morbid priests serenity
Sing praise
Thy kingdom is at hand
[solo Azagthoth]
[solo Brunelle]
[Repeat 3rd verse]
[Repeat 2nd verse]

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