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Morbid Angel - Nothing is Not lyrics

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Nothing is Not by Morbid Angel

(Music : Rutan / Lyrics : Vincent)
Consequence ... now the panic comes
You¹ve dabled in magik your fingers are burned
Lost as you run towards the light
And deep in you rheart you have nothing but fear
Your future is hanging by a strand
Your master makes his just demands
Game of life¹s price comign due
A swell of fear erupts inyou
You time is now !
Never a prayer, just silence rings
Charity works won¹t change a thing
Your balance of life is on our side
There¹s never a place to hide
What¹s so real is plain in sight
Cost to play; eternal life
For when we play - we play for keeps
Satan¹s marks forever speak
Your time is now !
With screams you defy still silence rings
Prayers to some god won¹t change a thing
Gleam in your eyes reduced to tears
And deep in your heart you¹ve nothing but fear
Why object to ³rewards² you know you¹ve earned them
Why reject all your fantasy
You can¹t betray what your works have bargained for you
No use to fear what you have in store

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