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Moonlight Agony - Sincerity lyrics

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Sincerity by Moonlight Agony

Do you think the world has changed tonight?
I think it's not too late
So have we reached our fate?
We don't care if it's beyond our sight
I'm closing up the door
And yearning all the more
A blameless veil of supremacy
A sheltered life, this indignity
Of passing time and hopeless dreams
An isolated purity...
This simple test of integrity
All of this, this simplicity
Cause i've seen the world in honesty
Seen the fucked up tragedy
Do you think my life has changed tonight?
I'm losing something more
To lose what i adore
I cannot help but think this isn't right,
So i'm opening the door
To feel forevermore
She approaches me with sincerity
A change of pace this audacity
Oh i'm praying for some secrecy
I'm praying for this ecstacy
The shameless veil of honesty
All of this, this complexity
Yeah i offered her my sincerity
Offered her on bended knees
My sacred vow of honesty
I'm feeling all this complacency
Oh i never thought i'd ever see
All of this was all concealed

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