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Modern English - Coming up for air lyrics

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Coming up for air by Modern English

No-one wants to lose,
The magic that's inside,
All the colours of the rainbow,
And the treasures we hide,
If you want to keep it,
Then tears just aren't enough,
Don't live off all your memories,
Start drowning in your love.
Coming up for air x2
Breathing in deeply,
Coming up for air
Somewhere beneath the surface,
Is the deepness of the sea,
When a heart still fills with wonder,
And happiness is free,
Just continue on your journey,
Cause wisdom's not enough,
Don't let the waves erode you,
Stop drowning in your love.
Chorus x2
The air smells good,
The air smells fine,
Release the pressure on my mind.
No-one wants to lose the magic that's inside.
Chorus (to fade)

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