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Mobb Deep - We up lyrics

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We up by Mobb Deep

Yeah, bout to get my head right on this one
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, uh-huh uh-huh
Hav' come through, slump low with the seat back
With somethin in the stash to push a elephant bean back
sh*t, my sh*t is touchin, hungry hurry up need that
Tryin to live right, only a juk for the relapse (yeah)
Perhaps I'll fold, maybe I won't
Go back to it like an old b**ch I boned
Nigga Havoc he a problem 'specially when he zoned
Let a nigga get foul like the wool he smoked, so
Smell me people, these clowns ain't equal to I
b**ches feel me cause they love my vibe
Know what a chick want, know what a chick need
Recognize the difference from a male, and chicken feed
I'm blessed that's why my neck is glistening
You in a slump cause you not listening
We hold our own and earn our keep
And never ever get more than the one eye sleep
(We up!) Word man
(We up!) I be havin nightmares son
(We up!)
(And I love it, and I love it)
(We up!) I don't even wanna go to sleep no more
(We up!) I be havin the illest dreams son
(We up!) Tell you about this sh*t son
(We up!) Yo (Everybody wake up!)
I'm havin dreams of squeezin a gun that don't work
And some nigga with a tec come and wet my shirt
I catch bullets in my stomach, and them sh*ts burn
I wake up sweatin, holdin my stomach cause it hurt
Yo the sh*t seem too real, I'm dyin of thirst
I gotta drink mad water just to calm me down thirst
'fore I get back to sleep, and get some rest
Then I can't get back to sleep, I'm too stressed
I got the shotty real close, right under my bed
I know that work, cause I been practicin
with my gauge at the range, nigga I'm nice wit it
Nigga motherf**k them dreams, I'm real life wit it
You'll be coughin up yo' spleen, guts an' all kinda sh*t
You invade my space, I'm beatin the case
Nigga come f**kin with me, yeah that's my kind of sh*t
Please, or all of my guns'll be a waste
(We up!) Yeah, I feel you my nigga
(We up!) No doubt
(We up!) That's why I'm glad we up man
(And I love it, and I love it)
(We up!) We got niggaz to do that sh*t for us y'know?
(We up!) Word up man
(We up!) That's right my nigga we up
(We up!) (Everybody wake up!)

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