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Mobb Deep - Livin' The Life lyrics

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Livin' The Life by Mobb Deep

Yeah, fuck I'm talkin' 'bout right here?
niggaz ain't ready
My nigga P
Kiss, c'mon
[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]
Livin the life, steady keepin it tight
Never take a funny nigga's advice
Pimpin the game, never trippin on fame
When I'm done you'll respect my name
The vision is real, time will reveal
as I pack the steel
Treasure I found, with the platinum sound
that no other can put down
I take a lot of advice, my lifestyle's product and dice
and guns that'll target your pipe
It's sorta like approachin the don, wrong word, wrong vibe
4-5'll leave most of you harmed
Move coke through the ocean, paid off the coast guard
Sailed out to Cuba, made sure shit's potent
Violence with caution..
and ain't too many niggaz you know that got pilots transportin
Egg nog whip, four door Ferrari
2 M-16s's, I beg y'all flip
I'm the hardest nigga you know, check it out
Turned 40 ki's to 80 when I get in the door
So I flash like cameras, blast like hammers
I worry about y'all lil' niggaz just like your grandmas
Get shit jumpin like the playoffs
Every twenty minutes a day give or take I knock a K off
Been in the hood for real long
Catch me anywhere and I got a half a mill' on
Jada, kiss you now, you die now - why later?
Double R and Violator
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
P and Kiss y'all don't wanna miss this
That's two ghetto-ass niggaz on the same shit
We the two best you ever gon' hear in your life
Appreciate this shit

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