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Mltr (Michael Learns To Rock) - Digging Your Love lyrics

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Digging Your Love by Mltr (Michael Learns To Rock)

No more lonely talking
Waiting for the phone
No more lonely walking
In the streets alone
Today the sun is shining
Cos' since I meet you
The sky seems so blue
[Chorus:] And I'm digging your love
I'm digging your love
I am forever in your arms
Can't get enough
And I go crazy
When you're not here
I wanna follow you my friend
To everywhere
I'm digging your love
Through a lot of dangers
Looking for a life
Meet a lot of strangers
Drifting in the night
But now the world is changing
Because of that light
That shines in your eyes
I get lost
I get high
You are taking me to the skies
When you're looking at me

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