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Mister Peculiar - I Wonder lyrics

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I Wonder by Mister Peculiar

I wonder where the time gets to the end,
Which sweetly passes by
And the good times memories, my friend,
Did it gather in them up to now?
It could leave them all to me as it do
With the bruises of the strokes
It could forget them by the way
So I can collect them in my book
I wonder where the wind gets to the end,
Which quickly passes by
And everything grazes as only it can,
And no one seems to realize
It could take away from the people their
Own bad thoughts and own bad aims
And not only the dead leaves
Fallen from the trees of ages
I wonder where the sea gets to the end,
Which undisturbed waves
It will end where it has started then,
I know that it remains
Passing for every lands, every rivers,
Every poems and every eyes
The sea, it won't stop, it always has a place
Where to go and where to lie
I wonder what is really worth in life
And what it is not
But 'til people keep on making wars,
Is anybody involved
With these answers I'm in need to know,
While the day has come to an end
And I'm nearly falling asleep,
But a question keeps me stand
And for me,
Will I have a place to go?
I'll keep wondering
'Till all the answers I will know.

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