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Miss Black America - Leopardprint lives lyrics

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Leopardprint lives by Miss Black America

This town knows of no deeper need
On our hands and knees
We crawl about our business business business business business
I get shunted forward and backward and forward
I'm a sucker for it
Time robs us of fire and pride
Eats away at your insides
Christianity with no heaven to work for
I'm not this war's first casualty
It's time I brought you up to speed
Consider this our first contact
(as Hazel and his Soul-Kate would've had it)
Sick of calling and not being heard
Sick of crawling
Me and my bunny girl
We'll fill the car with stolen wine
Reach for the stars and lead leopardprint lives
Angels and saints preserve themselves
The one thing left to do is get the hell out of here while we can
Reach for the stars
Make it happen.

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