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Miseration - Voyaging The Seas Of Thought lyrics

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Voyaging The Seas Of Thought by Miseration

Shut it in deep below
Cause you better beware
The dismal horrors of sleep
Vigil and ever present
In a million minds that cannot feel
What is hidden on the other side
In meaningless days coiled
In fevery nightmares unleashed
Pulse goes high and they die
Endless voids taking over
In cold planning stretching out
To claim the waking hours
And transform the worlds into voids
Buzzing in the back of thoughts
Through the maze of the brain
Sucking them out of life's blood
The days go blank and you are snowblind
And their presence can manifest
Unwilling hearts turn to slavery
To a grim machine befreed of compassion
Driving the sanity to the edge
Till it's all gone and forgotten
[Repeat part 2]
[Repeat chorus]
No soul, no emotion, but oh so cold
Take it in, in the hour of sleep
With no remorse and the mutation
Is complete
[Repeat chorus]

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