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Mindrot - Across Vast Oceans lyrics

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Across Vast Oceans by Mindrot

Madness this sadness remember bottomless blackness raping
Raping the masses you give in no matter still they take
Without, without permission with intentions of grievance,
And so much hate
Life has victims, our inhabitants create, start...
Start dreaming deep you'll see magick before your feet...
We are longing wishing, might be still for what it seems
That chains ring where the halls contained dreams
Like I, onward with grace, existing to love,
And to and to be free
Thrive the wonders of time
Our deepness of life we choose to deny
Though you, though you disagree I know we all have the key
We must, we must believe if we want to exist and be,
And be free
Missing... loving... existing... free, free...
Haven't I seen too much, dream another story
I've lost but all, but all my glory
Lost the touch of sanity, I torched my mind to my delight
Light has me beaten to exhaustion, the glare has forsaken me
I've forgotten
To walk where I've been before
In remembrance of reflections passed to distortion
Together we will travel the sea, to the island of light
The shadows hide without sight
No challenge to our conscious mind to, to the other realm
Where the youth,
Where the youth hide...

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