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Mike Mineo - Old Shoes lyrics

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Old Shoes by Mike Mineo

It's my life and I don't need to explain,
What it was before he came,
And if he can't except it,
Then he probably shouldn't get it,
Because if he can't understand then why should he try
When he's not the man living in my shoes
Living in my shoes?
He's living in my OLD shoes,
And when I came to live again
I realized it wasn't all about what it wasn't
But if he wants to punch my head,
Then he better come and just try it,
Because if he's so effected by what has been it's his problem,
And all the fear that he holds inside is his I'm not the one,
But if he wants to run the show,
He better catch his own and go,
Because the wind from my mouth it blows,
And the breeze it still may blow,
And there is nothing like getting something that is familiar
But I'm sure she really wants you,
She needs you, It is incredible,
And I'm sure she could use you and abuse you,
The way that you want her to,
But we had our romance long ago so leave it what it's at,
Ya little boy,
And when she treats you good, you better enjoy it I know that I would
But I like my alone time now, So keep to yourself and when it all comes down,
Run with your own free spirit, With your own free spirit,
With your own Freedom

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