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Mike Mineo - Believe lyrics

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Believe by Mike Mineo

Aint no problems right here, My Dear,
Because the souls got the feel,
So take those things you control,
And Just let go cuz there's no telling what the next day will bring,
And those things you thought were wrong,
Were the right way all along,
When you're willing to be able and strong to just believe,
Just believe
Aint no room for the fear,
So dry your tears and hold that dream through the years,
Cuz no matter what they say,
You are well on your way,
To accomplishing the impossible,
And the journey never stops through the opens and the blocks,
From the bottom to the top or inbetween,
Just Believe,
The worries may never stop,
But now is your time to get off,
And break free from all your thoughts,
There's no right and there's no wrong,
In the healing of a song,
When your belting out a felt melody,
And some may hold a grudge on the world of which they judge,
When they claim that it needs to be saved,
But just believe,
Just believe

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