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Mike Heron - Transiberian express lyrics

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Transiberian express by Mike Heron

A relationship was being ended.
She sent me a book - "Famous freezing cold railway journeys",
Instead of a hint, what I got was an intimate
knowledge of the Transiberian route!
Following up with, "Wheels across the Steppes"
I felt myself trundling through the crisp snow
and I could have introduced you to the
population of Urkutz station by "Chuffing into hostile terrain".
Oh how I knew, it, I could see there was a change.
It was written in your eyes. It was - oh written across your face
And when you told me I saw flashin' of a flag,
Heard the rollin' wheels beneath me.
I swear that I was movin'
There by your side but so far away
Mercury drops, there's nothing to say
I can't hold this room still
Got the towns flashin' by
Got the faces at the stations
It's colder so much colder now
And I just can't stop this Transibeflan Express,
Transiberian Express.
And you bought it, you bought my ticket, ticket
Through the pine trees and they're whisperin' of blood
In the field of my vision I got samovars and overcoats
Into Kirov there's a pink stare of daybreak
Falling over the town.
Then I can hear your voice
"Only one thing more" and you tell me 'bout him
"Only one thing more" but the train is speeding
Thirteen hundred miles from Moscow, snow is everywhere.
We could have been so warm together.
Instead you put me here
Will I be travelling on this line for evermore
Through forest, steppes and hills,
Through Perm and Omsk and Urkutz
And at my soul the loss of you.
Feeling at my core the grip of winter

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