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Midnattsol - Unpayable Silence lyrics

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Unpayable Silence by Midnattsol

[Verse 1:]
A rare silence you can't pay
The wishes, they are safe
In my box of treasure
But you smelled my life!
The warmth is sparkling inside
The luckiest miserable eyes I have seen
They shine through mountains so high
I weep, I fall!
'cause I have seen the light
One blink and I'm done
Those caresses with your eyes
Your eyes (Your eyes... Your eyes... Your eyes...)
[Verse 2:]
No religion can describe
No feelings meant to hide
Surroundings raised by whispering fields
Over broken skills
Enchantment's lurking over the hills
The power of bonds will succeed
[Repeat Chorus] [x2]
[Verse 3:]
My rose is blooming and sending her scent
To you my wanting one
My restless aura is touching you
From a hundred miles away
A silence you can't pay

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