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Middle Earth - Reflection lyrics

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Reflection by Middle Earth

You granted me creation. You gave me tools of destruction.
The choice, the path lies there behind you. Please let me by.
You knew we'd turn almost anywhere, now you let me kneel beside you.
We released our minds, we laughed at time.
Let's not stop now, our emotions are running high.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us now so we don't fall.
Mirror, mirror what's that you say? Time right now means death to stay.
Let me stand back, I need a breath. I took the test, gave you my time.
Your visionary will takes us. We can't stop now, now we're learning how =
You're my reflection.
Please empty glass tell your secret. Bash the great glass wall between =
We loved your story so don't you cry. We'll turn, just let us pray =
Beside you.
You're my reflection.
We released our minds, we laughed at time. Break the glass and we'll =
Pass the
Test. The iron cross turns, crucifix of life. Please don't stop now, my =
Is boiling anew ...
Music & Lyrics ©1996 by Middle Earth
Lyrics by David Lee & Mona Michael

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