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Mercury Rising - A Narrow Door lyrics

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A Narrow Door by Mercury Rising

As winds of change begin to blow
At times when spirit's running low
For all you've done nothing to show
By holding on a little longer ....
We find the fire makes us stronger
And through it all we learn endurance is the key to our proficiency,
With faith the only way to survive another day .
If it's true that tribulation worketh patience,
Then I should be a patient man but patient is not what I am
Now questioning the terms of my existence no anchor here to steady me .
Alone I face a raging sea
For everyone there's a specific point in time
Where physical improvement changes to decline
Although I can't recall that moment it was long before today
And still I haven't said the things I need to say .
To turn from anger and temptation is just a distant memory
When confronted by reality
And Jonah like denying my salvation
I struggle with myself each day while precious hours slip away .
In an age of kings and drones there's no denying,
Freedom is a narrow door which can't be promised anymore
Still destined to forever keep on trying
I crave tomorrow's rising sun another chapter just begun .
I know there is a reason for why this world is such
That an honest man gets taken and the wicked get so much
I know there is a reason for losses we acquire
And if the fire is what purifies I'll stand this trial by fire .
At times when spirit's running low.
For all you've done nothing to show.
Triumph is never letting go

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