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Mephistopheles - Earthborn lyrics

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Earthborn by Mephistopheles

Thou touchedst my soul as I lay wounded
Thus, my will Thou didst not fear
Thy mortal eyes beheld my secret
My tears I'll dedicate to her
As destiny must be fulfilled
By mortal hands we shall be killed
So much hate to give
Since I became the enemy
I promised once to not forgive
My tears are now of dignity
That pours throughout conspiracy
Art Thou the one I once called me?
She took my name and kept it
Inside her sacred poisenous heart
Vergeltung allein ist mein Vermaechtnis
Damit die Welt uns nie vergisst
This promise I give shall
By the truth of death be sworn
Eternity shall be my witness
Lay all Thy all darkness into my arms
The essence of soulstream
Far beyond redemption
The truth which in Thy heart doth lie
Hath led us to extinction
Death is the path of creation
Denied to be granted to Thee

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