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Melissa Otero - Free lyrics

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Free by Melissa Otero

I can't stop thinking of you
But I can't be with you
You wore me out today
With those stupid mistakes
Now you leave me here
Wondering where I went wrong
But I didn't do anything
It was you all along
I'm done, I'm closing this last door
Leaving you to live like before
All alone you will be and I am free
Does it hurt to know I cut the cord?
And to know I won't be there anymore
Your lies won't kill you but you can't cling on to me
I am free
Those lies you said to me
Will creep back to you again
And it'll be times ten
You should have known this before
And when that day comes
And you just can't explain
The victim you just became
Don't come to me to mend your heart!
You can't cling on
You won't be mine
It's over now
But that's all fine
I don't miss you
I don't need you
You know I'm moving on...

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