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Dark deeds Lyrics

by Melissa


Dark deeds Song Lyrics

Dark deeds by Melissa

For hundreds years
Church have been seen seeking
The absolute power
Over humble souls
Priests raped
In the Temples of God
You won't be grieved
For giving your own son

The bible asserts that murder is a sin
But Jesus preached -
" I didn't bring peace,
but a sword on the Earth "
Mad screams of burning inquisition fires
Thousand innocent victims

Christ promised you eternal life
I promise you eternal death
" I'm Lord and you're my slaves "
Slaves - obey your master even after death

" Let it be no gods besides me ! "
Fanatic christians destroy
beautiful statues of gods
Of ancient Greece and Rome
Murders in the name of God

Of their dark deeds accuse Satan
Nail newborn child to cross
In the name of God

[solo : P.G.]

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