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Meek Mill - Oh Lord lyrics

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Oh Lord by Meek Mill

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Yeah, trappin’ like the Carter
[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Double MG, we gon’ crush y’all
If it’s f**k me, then it’s f**k y’all
Niggas, they don’t want war
Spent a hundred on my Patek, took them cuffs off
Totin’ automatics, this the sh*t we get a rush off
All this rose gold look like duck sauce
In the Maybach with a young broad
Why the f**k would I give a f**k for
We don’t lose sleep ’bout a f**k boy
Sendin’ hits like a drug lord, Pablo
Dog food like Rylo
If they all move, then they die slow, pronto
Mixin’ that Gucci, that Louis, that Yves Saint Laurent with that new Milano
Feelin’ that sh*t that I ride for
Pop a wheelie when we see the 5-O
Who gon’ motivate niggas if I go? Namе one
At the clear port, whеre you can’t come
Eatin’ finger lickin’ on an G5, breath stank with the A1
When it come to rappers, I don’t be with niggas
I’m still mobbin’ on ’em with my day ones
Lil’ shawty tried to play the kid but I’m Jay Sean
Handle that rod like it’s M1, talkin’ hot sauce
When it pop off with my Glock off
And the Wraith here from a pop-star
Man, I’m livin’ a life niggas would die for
This that young nigga talk out the dealership
When you killin’ sh*t, on some winnin’ sh*t
At the VMAs with the .30 on me
In the front row and we with the sh*t
Heard these f**k-niggas had the free smoke
When we run into ’em, we gon’ kill and sh*t
Talkin’ really quick, keep the strap on me like a nigga’s b**ch
[Interlude: YFN Lucci]
(Yeah, yeah)
(Hard body, hard body, yeah, yeah, oh)
(Oh-oh, oh)
(Hard body, hard body, yeah)
[Verse 2: YFN Lucci]
Okay, look, Young Fly Nigga ’bout cash, say f**k the other side
They don’t want no drama with us, I hate my brother died
Now we want homicide, murder after murder, wan’ make his momma cry
Kidnap his kids, leave ’em traumatized
We gon’ hide niggas, they ain’t gon’ find niggas
Gotta keep that semi on my side like a side-kicker
Long live my nigga forever, we waited forever
Make my kid get a kid, they got a family forever, yeah
Get ’em sent far like the Godfather, that’s on my daughter, yeah
Oh, I want his b**ch and his sister and his friends, yeah, nigga, yeah
Uh, MAC-10, too many burners in the black van
Hit up permanent best friend, we got weapon
We won’t condone it, won’t address it
Hundred thousand on his head, make my dawg fetch it, yeah
Hundred thousand in my pocket, make ’em look pregnant, yeah, uh
AP on me lit, I don’t want your b**ch
Every single diamond VVS, I’ma hold it down by my respect
Ayy, f**k they found this nigga at? Yeah
Hit him nine times, if he survive, that cat was blessed, yeah, yeah
Murder for fun
Y’all niggas, you know we good with them hammers and guns
You know if you hit ’em in the head, we gon’ double the fun
And if the nigga ain’t dead, I’ma need a refund, yeah
Look, .44 F&N, two desert eagles, you know how we comin’, nigga
More sticks than the army, nigga
More drugs than a pharmacist, nigga
I dare you try to harm a nigga, you harmless, nigga, yeah
100K on my neck and it’s charmless, nigga
You know who the don is, yeah
Pop a seal and let my soul spill, yeah
I’m still the goat in the farm field
On my second mill’, I told my partners chill
Put 60K on my wrist to make my aunt chill
[Outro: YFN Lucci]
Yeah, hard body, hard body, yeah
Where I’m from there ain’t no love for ’em
Nobody, nobody, yeah, yeah, uh
Ain’t no love, no, no
From the other side, yeah

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