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MC ZULU - Hit Parade lyrics

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Hit Parade by MC ZULU

By order of the Minister Of Information: I hereby declare all
Broadcast of the program known as "Hit Parade" to be illegal
And punishable by law.
This has been a public service announcement
Music Magic gonna make dem dance
Case illegal but we take that chance
There's a state now of emergency
Information liability
Heard about it on the Hit Parade
I've got, I've got to keep my radio on
I want, I want to hear how things have gone
Broadcast over the pirate airwaves dem spread the word
Everybody meet at my place, night time preferred
... Oi Watch yah now, massive! Babylon a come, cool down
Hide The Radio!, Hide The Radio!, SHUT UP!, Act Natural!
Everybody know seh we charge for the open sedition... already now
Can't you see a party Mr. Officer? So put away that gun... I tell you now
Ain't no talk of Spreading no word, no vibes for modern age,
Me Model Citizen. Learned my lesson last time, so please don't you
Shoot me down today.
Operating with immunity
Empty promises and worthless speech
Who The Dragon fighting overseas
Now we're living with uncertainty
Heard about it on the Hit Parade
They don't, They don't want us to know the truth
Outlaw, Outlaw broadcast and trick the youth
It's going on a week I can't locate my good friend
His children told the policeman he was tuning in
... and that's their greatest sin
Many faces were heading toward the sun and now
They're caught up in the pouring rain.
Believe me, I know, It's just I never wanted to tell you
Want to hear what's really going on, they listen to the
Hit Parade... I know you're listening right now
You're under the covers with the radio on.

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