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MC Frontalot - Pr0n S0ng lyrics

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Pr0n S0ng by MC Frontalot

Just got hard-pressed underneath my desk
no jest! it's time frontalot confessed:
at the best of times got the worst of rhymes
and I don't think I'm the first to find
my life devoted less to lyrics
than it is to my struggle for pyrrhic
victory in the race to be
teh intarweb's number one devotee
of smutty little things that occur onscreen
(risqu? to hey! quintuple-x obscene)
MILFs who shave themselves so cleanly
twins in positions unseemly
my spleen ain't the part that gets vented
I grabbed a hold and fapped like I meant it
distended, probably oughta leave it alone
spend more time stroking on the microphone
got a boatload of midgets and they're in command
of a full-grown woman on her knees and hands
got a long hard donkey and a farmgirl too
and the braying's so dismaying when he starts to spoo
gotta click close
put it away
'cause the internet is f-i-l-t-h-y
lurking in #pass chans on the irc
got dcc'd unexpectedly
with an 80-minute XviD: Nuns In Heat
Part Three, Bad Habits. I'm so l337
that I had that one already
skipped to the part with the fishnet teddy
whipped it out, but to my chagrin
one toss from a win and the boss walked in
said "nuh-uh Front, that terminal ain't
for a latex crucifix spanking a taint
in big 32-bit color
while them rosary beads get yanked out the cruller"
I said "you can't fire me

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