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Mccain Edwin - Guinevere lyrics

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Guinevere by Mccain Edwin

E. McCain
After all the corridors are darkened
When the royal crown is off your head
To your chambers I will creep not a word we will speak
Just love me while the fire light dances 'round the bed
Well there is danger in this passion
Because the king can never really know
And on my blood I've sworn my allegience
So I'll leave you when the sunlight comes and beckons me to go
And the silver shine is tarnished from my armor
And in battle I am paralyzed with fear
And this poison in my soul is the love we'll never know
And it finds me playing Lancelot to your Guinevere
Well and Guinevere is sly enough to steal a little taste
And her laughter it peals into the night
Oh but forbidden fruit always stays sticky on your face
And without virtue I'm worthless in a fight
Stealing little glances at the table
I feel that this is theatre in the round
But far away chasing vixens in the meadow
Your love like wind, blows right by
And sweeps me off the ground
Your love sweeps me off the ground
Well now it sweeps me off the ground

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